Fynbos Service Centre


Fynbos Service Centre provides valuable services to the aged and frail who need some help and understanding.


Balanced and affordable meals are served Monday to Friday at our Center. Meals can also be delivered to the infirm, sick or housebound.

Home based care

Qualified caregivers provide home based care to those that are housebound.

Health care

Basic services are provided. We can facilitate further care requirements.

Social activities

A variety of social gatherings, outings, tours and events are arranged. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for important notices and dates.

Other services

  • Trim Gym – affiliated to SASFA
  • Foot and hair care
  • Visits and transport for the sick, infirm or lonely
  • Support groups are available for those that need support for Alzheimer and depression
  • Various support groups are available for those in need, for example dementia, house-bound, infirm, lonely etc.